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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Osprey baby has fledged!

Paul Brewer has been photographing an Osprey nest with one chick. It's been wonderful to see the baby grow. Now it is big enough and strong enough to leave the nest. Paul was there with his camera. Just look at this healthy fledgling, with its beautiful feathers of many shades of black, brown and gray, along with the bright white ones.

The young Osprey will continue to return to the nest to rest and will still be fed by its parents...for a while!
 Here the juvenile Osprey landed in a nearby tree. Wow, has this bird's world just gotten bigger.

Thanks to Paul for taking us along for this experience. To see the first photo Paul took of the hatchling, here is the link: What a difference six+ weeks make!

To see much more of Paul's nature photography, here's his website:

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scott mercer said...

thank you!!

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I just realized that Siegfried Mattul is quite famous. My wife and I are humbled by his photos.