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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Porcini in July? On the Mendonoma Coast?? Paul Kozal has proof!

The storm that dumped three inches of rain on the Mendonoma Coast in late June has brought a mushroom bloom. You saw Irma Brandt's Shrimp Russulas. Now take a peek at the six Boletus edulis Paul Kozal found this past week.

These choice, edible mushrooms are usually found in the autumn, most years around Thanksgiving. I wonder what will happen this fall.

Paul has affinity for mushrooms and takes lovely photos of them, some of which are displayed at his gallery, Studio 391, in Gualala. To see more of Paul's photography, here is his website:

Thanks to Paul for allowing me to share his photo with you here.


Maureen said...

Crazy! I guess I will look for mushrooms along with blackberries this weekend.

Have you seen any huckleberries yet? I didn't notice any over the 4th of July.

Jeanne Jackson said...

Maureen, huckleberries are sparse this year, at least on our property. Maybe closer to the ocean would be better. One gal told me she has found some loaded bushes near highway one. Good luck!

Aro said...

Porcinis in july! Amazing, yes my folks found several large kings near point reyes this past week aswell. We had 4 inches of rain and the apple orchards are sprouting like spring again.
Incredible year for salmon and thimble berries near the russian river. Very odd weather indeed.

Jeanne Jackson said...

Aro, we noticed a Coccora in our forest yesterday. They are winter mushrooms!

Salmon fishing has been epic here too. Glad to know about the thimbleberry crop.