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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Two Western Screech Owls released back into the wild

Two little Western Screech Owls, each believed to be hit by a car, were rescued and taken to the Bird Rescue Center in Santa Rosa. One was found in October and it had a broken bone in its wing. The other was rescued in November. The two Owls were put together. Diane Hichwa was given the charge of picking them up, driving them up windy Highway One and then ten miles up Mountain View Road where one of the owls was found. She invited Rick and me to join her and her husband, Bryant. And what an experience it was! Here is one of the little owls waiting to be set free.

 Below Diane is taking one of the owls out of its travel box. I am nervously standing by, wearing gloves to protect my hands.
 It was so awesome to hold this little owl. They only weigh eight ounces. The one I was holding was quiet in my hands.
 Below Diane has the second owl out and we are prepared to let them go. We let them look at each other before setting them free.
 Diane released her Owl first and it flew off into the trees. I followed a few seconds later and the second Owl followed the first one. Here's hoping they thrive in the future.
Everyone involved with these owls can be proud of a job very well done. It was thrilling for me to be a part of their release.

Bryant Hichwa took these photos and I thank him for allowing me to share them with you here.

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