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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Full Moon always brings high tides, as seen Thursday at The Sea Ranch

The highest tides and the lowest tides occur when the moon is full or when it's new. We had a full moon this week and a high tide mid-morning. Rick and I had breakfast at The Lodge at The Sea Ranch followed by a hike out to the bluffs. Huckleberry, our golden retriever, accompanied us on the hike. What we found was a turbulent sea, crashing waves and a feeling of excitement the churning Pacific Ocean brings to those who stop to admire its beauty.

 Below the waves have receded for a moment, revealing the rocks just offshore.

And this is a photo looking to the south. It's a bit washed out due to the brilliant sunshine but it shows you the waves crashing up against the bluffs. Imagine what it must sound like to those who live right on the edge.

The mesmerizing Pacific Ocean - I will never tire of its many moods.

My best to you today! Jeanne

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