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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Storm waves, as photographed by Carolyn André

Three big storms, a river of rain, have hit the Mendonoma Coast. Carolyn André, intrepid photographer that she is, braved the second storm to take these photos of the coast of The Sea Ranch.

 The storm coincided with a high tide as you will see below.
 Big waves hit the coast.
At Point Arena Pier there are three red flags posted. No one should be out in this sea except the very big ships.
 Surf's up...or way too dangerous, I believe.
Thanks to Carolyn for allowing me to share her evocative photos here with  you.


candace said...

The first two photos look like a fog bank rolling in. Hard to believe it is waves and water. It must have been so powerful to see it. thanks for sharing!


Jeanne Jackson said...

Candace, I have a before photo from Carolyn. I will post it later today. Those negative ions must have been zinging!