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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Twisted old growth Redwood Tree over two thousand years old

This old-growth Redwood grew in a twisted fashion. That's what save it from the logging activity that went on here on the Mendonoma Coast in the 1800's. Thank goodness! It stands like a forest god, over two thousand years old. It is on a neighbor's property but we are able to hike down to visit it.

Craig Tooley recently photographed this magnificent tree. You will see that Rick, Huckleberry and I are dwarfed by it. The first time I saw it my heart raced. What a treasure to find in the forest.

To see more of Craig's Coast photography, here's the link to his web site:


Anonymous said...

Amazing that Craig could get all of this incredable tree in one picture! I know, as I tried and it took a minimum of two. This tree has a limb near the top that looks like a tree growing out to the side of it. It is truly one of natures wonders! Thanks for sharing. Linda

Jeanne Jackson said...
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