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Friday, September 21, 2012

A huge Abalone was found off The Sea Ranch by Ken Bailey

Ken Bailey and his diving buddy, Jack Likins, were amazed at the huge Abalone Ken found while diving last Saturday.

That is an eleven inch gauge. Ken's abalone measured 10 13/16 inches. As his wife, Wendy, put it, "It was a BEAST!!!"  It weighed 9.6 pounds in the shell and 6.3 pounds out of the shell. That's a lot of good eating.

Ken and Jack were filming that day and caught this catch on film. They are in the process of creating their next abalone diving movie. It will be titled, "The Secrets of Successful Abalone Diving." Yes, they sure do know how to successfully dive for abalone!

Thanks to Ken for allowing me to share his photo with you here. In a few days I will show you a photo of Ken with this beast of an abalone.

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