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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Harbor Seal pup is washed off a rock

It is amazing how easily Harbor Seals can perch on a rock. Sometimes a wave comes along and sweeps one or two into the Pacific Ocean. Siegfried Matull captured a group of Harbor Seals, one of which just got swept off and is climbing back up. Yes, it is a young one, a pup.

You can see how the other two Harbor Seals lift their tails and heads as they balance on the slippery kelp-covered rock. Great photo from Coastal Photographer Siegfried Matull and I thank him for allowing me to share it with you here.

To see another of Siegfried's Harbor Seal photos, this one of two of them crowned with kelp:


Frank Drouillard said...

Free amusement rides!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Do you think they are playing King of the rock?