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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Interiors of Fort Ross and the last two fruit trees planted 200 years ago by Russian settlers

At Fort Ross State Historic Park, the buildings of the Russian settlement have been lovingly restored and, in some cases, recreated. Here are photos of one of the workshops, a dining room, the wood-burning stove and a weaving room.

The two trees - one in the middle and the other to the right, are Black Cherry trees planted 200 years ago by the Russians who built Fort Ross. Look at the slope they are now on. The big earthquake of 1906 lifted up the ground here. The trees were originally planted on level ground. Yes, the San Andreas earthquake fault line runs right through here.
The Black Cherry trees are still producing fruit. I was told the fruit was used to flavor liquor. 


Frank Drouillard said...

Did you carve your initials anywhere?

Jeanne Jackson said...

There is an imaginary "R + J" carved right in the center of the biggest tree. ha!