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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Anchor Bay Beach at low tide allows Michelle Schubert to find treasures

Tide pooling is a Coast tradition. One of the places to tide pool is at Anchor Bay Beach, which is accessed through Anchor Bay Campground. Anchor Bay Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand. And at low tide, there are treasures to be found and photographed, as Michelle Schubert discovered.

Below is an Ochre Sea Star. You can see the star in the middle.

 And here is a Sunflower Sea Star. It looks like it lost one of its arms.
 And a translucent green Jellyfish.
 I love how the Sea Stars, also fondly called Starfish, are draped on the rocks.
Thanks to Michelle for allowing me to share her photos with you here.

To see another photo of a Sunflower Sea Star, this one seen at the Stornetta Public Lands, and learn a little more about them, here's the link:

And to see a beautiful wave at AB Beach, here's that link:

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