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Friday, July 13, 2012

Golden Retriever Love Brigade spreads the love in the 4th of July parade in Point Arena

Once again the Golden Retriever Love Brigade made an appearance at the 4th of July parade in Point Arena. Of course the parade wasn't held on the 4th this year but the 8th. When we start down Highway One, which is also Main Street, you can hear people going "awww..." And the children call out to the goldens. It's a heartwarming moment.

Amelia Ronne and Emily Grossman carry our sign.
 We won first prize in our division, which was, of course, animals. I'm holding the award and, yes, that's Huckleberry.
 We tried and tried to get a photo of the goldens and their owners. Not too successfully! Bridgett, a young pup on the left, was more interested in a ball. Jordan, next to her, is a ball hawk too but he was being a good boy.
 I love how the children are reaching out to the dogs. Golden Retrievers are among the friendliest of dogs.
An only in Point Arena event! And below you will see a pup trying - and succeeding - in showing up the Love Brigade. The dog is being pulled by a remote-controlled vehicle and he/she sure looks smug, don't you think?

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