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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Pacific Ocean is making itself heard today

Even inside my home in Anchor Bay, one-half mile away, I can hear the roar of the Pacific Ocean. Huge swells are hitting the Mendonoma Coast and the crashing waves create a salty mist that drifts across Highway One. The swells are also creating some great surfing conditions.

Yesterday morning I photographed a nearly full moon in the western sky at sunrise. You can see the swells, one after the other. One friend described this as the ocean looking like corduroy.

 As Craig Tooley likes to say, the edges of the day are a great time for photography. Below is the setting sun shining on the ocean. It's a golden staircase to the unknown.
And what it looked like last night as the sun set into clouds. Beautiful, don't you think? No sunset is alike!

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