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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Low Tide at the Stornetta Public Lands in Point Arena - breathtaking!

Rick and I, plus our golden retriever Huckleberry, took a hike at the Stornetta Public Lands this Thursday. You can see that it was a lovely day. A very low tide occurred while we were there.

 Sea Lion Rocks are only accessible at low tide. The photo below shows this rocky staircase. As this is a Marine Sanctuary, it would be better to stay off these rocks. And you wouldn't want to be caught when the tide changes!
 We kept Huckleberry on a short leash because of sinkholes like this one and the dangerously steep bluff-faces.
 The main access is off of Lighthouse Road, which is north of Point Arena. Before you see the Lighthouse pay station and parking, look on the left. You will see a portable toilet, parking and these rather uninformative signs. Notice that this one still has a picture of a fish, indicating that fishing is allowed. But it's not!
Here's the sign BLM added when this area was closed to fishing, including abalone diving, in 2010.
Tomorrow I will show you that there's been a BIG change in the Stornetta waterfall.

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