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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Last night's sunset was the gift that kept on giving

Some sunsets are over in a few minutes and some last a good long while, unfolding before our delighted eyes. The latter was the case last night as the sunset evolved for what seemed like forever. Red and oranges transformed into blue and purples - it was simply magnificent.

The first photo was taken at 5:30 pm, just after the sun had set.
 And the next at 5:44 pm
 And look what happened at 5:53 pm - even the Pacific Ocean appears to be purple!
It's a privilege to watch a Mendonoma Coast sunset.


Anonymous said...

Well, my phone signature says that;
Everything Purple is Mine.
So I'm taking ownership of that sunset.
Truly remarkable!
Thank you for sharing!

Jeanne Jackson said...

It will be known henceforth as Steve's sunset!