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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two charming photos of Gray Foxes with kits by Kathryn Hile

Kathryn Hile was very lucky to have a Gray Fox family take up residence in the courtyard of her Sea Ranch home. It sure gave her numerous chances to make photographic magic. She has shared two charming photos with us.

The first photo is of the Mother Fox with her kits in Kathryn's driveway.

And the photo below is the Dad. He was on Kathryn's porch railing the night the parents let the kits out of the courtyard for the first time. Kathryn said, "He was guarding the front door to make sure I didn't go outside to disturb them."

Thanks to Kathryn for allowing me to share her cute photos! Here's a link to several other of Kathryn's photos of this Gray Fox family:

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