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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There has been a green flash at sunset the past two nights

It's easy to watch the sunset when you are on the Mendonoma Coast - all it takes is a view of the ocean. With the warm weather the horizon has been clear the past several nights and, sure enough, there were green flashes on Monday and Tuesday. I tried to photograph Monday's green flash but wasn't successful. But at least my photos will show you what to look for. I will also put a link to a beautiful photo of a green flash that was shared here.

                      The sunset begins - rather a strange shape to the sun!
The sun is disappearing and you can see the separation you should look for.
                    And this is where you would see the green flash. Do you see a hint of green in the blazing yellow? This whole top turns emerald green for a second or two just before it disappears.
To see that photo of Frank Vaskelis' green flash, click on this link:

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