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Friday, May 27, 2011

American Goldfinches are like living jewels on top of our tree

American Goldfinches have arrived in great numbers to the Mendonoma Coast. Many of the males are in bright yellow breeding plumage to attract females. It's as if rays of sunshine were sitting on top of our Douglas fir tree. Rick and I put a thistle feeder out this spring, as we have the last several years, and we've been rewarded by the sight and sound of these little birds. The males sing a lovely song. We have also put out yarn for the females to use in making their nests. I guess you could call us "enablers."


Sharon Beals, photographer said...

That is beautiful. So beautiful.

Jeanne Jackson said...

Sharon, I feel so fortunate to live with such beauty!

Frank Drouillard said...

Birds around here take the hair we brush from the cats and dog, which we leave outside. I think they've stolen a few of Nan's beads from the back porch, too.

I'll have to try leaving paper from a paper shredder.

Jeanne Jackson said...

Beads? If you find the nest with beads woven in, make sure to send me a photo and I'll post it here. Sharon would particularly enjoy seeing it!

Frank Drouillard said...

It's more likely we'll get a photo of a bird
"shopping" in the back porch while our stupefied cats watch.

We'll keep an eye out for a garishly decorated nest.