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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Abalone diving - or the hunt for red treasure!

With the early minus tides this past weekend, cars lined Highway One as abalone divers came to the Mendonoma Coast with abalone on their minds. Local diver, Jack Likins, has told me conditions so far this season have not been good due to the wind and strong currents. Jack has had some fabulous days hunting red treasure. He once got three ten inch abalones in one day. Many divers would give their left fin for one ten inch ab. Jack graciously has allowed me to share the photo commemorating his feat.


Jeanne Jackson said...

Jack, along with two friends, made a DVD called The Hunt for Red Treasure that shows what it's like to dive for abalone. You can buy it at the Four Eyed Frog bookstore in Gualala. I have one!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Jack and two friends made a DVD called the Hunt for Red Treasure. It's a chronicle of what it's like to dive for abalone and I found it fascinating. The Four Eyed Frog Bookstore in Gualala carries it.

Jack is very modest about his accomplishments but he is truly amazing. He makes sure he is in physical shape by training all winter in a pool. He dives where most people couldn't handle the conditions. That's why he gets the big ones.