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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Point Arena - Stornetta Lands are now part of the California Coastal National Monument.

We've been very excited to have the beautiful Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands be the first land-based part of the California Coastal National Monument. Last Tuesday President Obama made it official by presidential decree. Mendonomans Merita Whatley, with her white hair, and Leslie Dalhoff traveled to Washington D.C. along with Larry Stornetta and Eloisa Oropeza (not pictured). Congressman Jared Huffman, second from the right, and Mike Thompson next to him, took up this cause in Congress.

On Wednesday a dedication ceremony was held. Look at the beautiful weather we were having. Here is the new sign with the Point Arena Lighthouse in the distance, photographed by Ron LeValley.
Here is an enthusiastic Leslie Dalhoff, former mayor of Point Arena, is addressing the crowd of over three hundred, photographed by Emily Nelson. Both Leslie and Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, were very animated and obviously excited to be a part of this day.
Charlie Ivor photographed Patty Stornetta Woodruff (middle) addressing the crowd. She talked about what it was like to grow up on this land. She and other family members worked together to have these lands transferred to the Bureau of Land Management, thus protecting them from development and giving all of us a priceless gift.

Thanks to Ron, Emily and Charlie for allowing me to share their photos.

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