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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The blessed rain brought to life the hidden waterfall on the Salal Trail.

The Salal Trail is a public access trail that starts at Gualala Point Regional Park. Once you pass the pay station, park at the first parking area on the left. The trail head is to the left. The trail goes between Highway One and The Sea Ranch Golf Links. It then turns west, meandering through some lovely trees and bushes. The trail eventually brings you to a very special waterfall. Robert Scarola hiked the trail just after one of the big February rain storms. This is what he found.

It's a magical place to visit when the creek is full. The trail eventually ends at a small beach, a perfect end to a wonderful trail.

Thanks to Robert for allowing me to share his photo with you here.

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Jeanne Jackson said...

I have been informed that the recent rains have created a sinkhole on this trail and the trail is blocked before you can reach the waterfall. No estimated time for repair yet. I hope it is repaired quickly and not left closed like the Walk On Beach access is.