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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Bald Eagle pair are making appearances along the Mendonoma Coast.

Bald Eagles, most probably the mated pair seen on and around the Gualala River, are being seen at the Garcia River, Anchor Bay Beach, the Gualala ridge and even at Plantation. I saw one flying towards the Gualala River bridge, its head so white against the blue of the river. Phil Wendt took these photos with his long lens a few weeks ago and I'm pleased to share them here.

First you will see a Bald Eagle's piercing gaze. Be afraid, prey!

 Here the mated pair sit in a snag along the Gualala River.
And this photo below got us very excited as the male has what appears to be nesting materials - in this case a strand of kelp. We hope these Bald Eagles stay, build a nest and raise a family, right here on the Mendonoma Coast.

Thanks to Phil for allowing me to share his photos with you here. To see more of Phil's photos of the Bald Eagles and other beautiful places on the coast, here is his website:

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