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Saturday, February 8, 2014

A big storm hits the Mendonoma Coast and the Gualala River finally opened.

We have had over seven inches of rain so far from the big storm. The creek that crosses our land has come to life. And this morning the Gualala River finally received enough rain to open to the Pacific Ocean, the first time in many months.

You can see the big opening in the sandbar. The river is running muddy and fast! It was raining hard when I took this photo today.

Here is Quinliven Creek - it is always wonderful when it comes to life. I love the many cascades.

It's a rare day when I send out two Mendonoma Sightings blogs in one day but I just had to tell you the news. This is sure to help put a dent in the drought. Hooray for Mother Nature!


Maureen said...

Finally!!! I hope the salmon and trout have time to swim upstream and spawn now that they get in!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Yes, I hope so too! And the Steelhead that were trapped in the river are now at sea. Thank goodness!

Maureen said...

It's just such a relief. This was such a healing rain event for all California's residents—feathered, scaled, furred, and otherwise. I hope the storm door stays open.