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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Meet Mystery - the newest addition to the Point Arena Pintos!

Jacqueline McAbery adopted the Pinto herd and has cared for them for some time. Here's what she wrote about the newest addition to the herd.

"We misjudged when Polka Dot got pregnant - we have been waiting for a new foal since September.
He finally arrived on December 9th.  He is a sweet little thing and we named him"Mystery" since his arrival date was so mysterious. Below are photos of him one day old."

 Below Mystery is with his doting mother, Polka Dot.

To learn much more about these beloved pintos, here is Jacqueline's website:  If you don't have a 2014 calendar, check out the beautiful Point Arena Pinto calendars for sale. All proceeds goes to supporting the herd.

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