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Friday, December 27, 2013

Many critters drink from our birdbaths.

Birds do more than take a bath in the nice birdbaths we put out for them. They more often drink from them. Other critters drink from them too, especially this winter with our sparse rainfall to date. Janice Batchelder captured a photo of a Gray Fox getting some refreshment.

Jim Garlock took one of my favorite photos of a Western Scrub Jay taking a bath.
And below is our golden retriever, Huckleberry, taking a gravel bath after swimming in the Gualala River.

Thanks to Janice and Jim for allowing me to share their photos with you.
Some extra sightings from today - two adult Bald Eagles were perched on a snag in the middle of the Gualala River. I hope to share photos of them with you soon. Gray Whales continue to be spotted heading south on their long migration to Baja California, where the pregnant females will give birth.

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