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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So exquisite - an Anna's Hummingbird nest, as photographed by Siegfried Matull

So tiny, so exquisite and so well camouflaged, it's a miracle to even spot one. And to find it occupied is even better. Siegfried Matull found an Anna's Hummingbird nest with two eggs in it.

Below the mother Anna's is sitting on her nest. She builds it with lichen, bark and spider webs.
And below are the two babies. Siegfried tells me that the spiders webs used in construction of the nest, allows the nest to expand with the growth of the babies.
Richard Kuehn, The Birdman of The Sea Ranch, tells me, "The male mates with the female but afterwards she does it ALL - builds the nest, lays the eggs, incubates and then feed the young till they've fledged."

What wondrous photos that Siegfried has allowed me to share with you here. Thanks to Siegfried!

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