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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Coyote pup, as photographed by Jim Garlock

Coyotes are a fairly rare sighting on the Mendonoma Coast but we definitely seen one or two ambling through. Though Jim took this photo in Marin County recently, I thought you'd enjoy seeing this Coyote pup in the fog.

To see a Coyote that was seen earlier this year, here is the link:

Thanks to Jim for allowing me to share his photo with you here.


Unknown said...

We see more and more coyotes in Marin County. That could be why we fewer wild turkeys!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Yes, a coyote would take wild turkeys. And fawns.

Deb Heatherstone said...

Didn't know they are rare...I saw one up by thePoint Arena fire station cruising towards the ocean! And then those 2 down by Fort Ross. Love those tricksters!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Deb, you seem to have an affinity for coyotes! Over the past seven years I have less than ten sightings of one. That's why I say they are a fairly rare sighting on the Coast.