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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ospreys have returned to the Mendonoma Coast

Now it's officially spring because the Ospreys have returned. Ospreys nest on the Mendonoma Coast. Paul Brewer watches them hunting for fish from his home in Gualala. He photographed one fishing the other day.
Paul photographed the moment this Sea Hawk caught a fish, which was a Surf Perch.

Ospreys returned to the Mendonoma Coast last weekend. The males come first and the females follow in the days to come. I'll be watching the nest down in front of me. It blew down during the December storms. An Osprey has been seen on that tree for several days now. Hopefully his mate will join him and begin rebuilding the nest. They raised two young ones at that nest last year.

Thanks to  Paul for allowing me to share his work. To see much more of Paul's photography, here's his website:


Unknown said...

Just catch and eat!

Jeanne Jackson said...

It is thrilling to see them plunge into the ocean and nab a fish. I once saw an Osprey with an eel. Yesterday afternoon the female arrived at the nest we watch. Very exciting!