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Friday, February 8, 2013

A visit to Hearn Gulch is always a treat

Last week Rick and I visited Hearn Gulch at mean tide. It was a beautiful clear day. We parked at mile marker 10 and headed towards the bluff. We could hear the wave action on the north end of the pocket beach. It sounds like this: "WHOMP!"

Below is a view of the pocket beach from the bluffs.
On the south end there is a sea tunnel. As we watched the tide began to come in, increasing the wave action.
 The staircase down is difficult. Some of the steps are quite tall and the stones are slippery. We needed to use the rope to get down and then get back up.
 The fine folks at the Redwood Coast Land Conservancy are to thank for bringing us this public access.


Ferne Fedeli said...

This looks great! I don't see Huckleberry. Is it too steep to bring my dog?

Jeanne Jackson said...

Ferne, we explored it while Huckleberry was at the groomers at Bed and Bones. The staircase is very steep and slippery near the bottom. Your dog would have no problem. I would check the beach from the bluff to make sure no critters are there. If it's all clear I'd let your dog off leash when you get to the steep part. It is really an amazing spot!