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Monday, February 11, 2013

A tiny yet exquisite flower is blooming in the forest

This wildflower has a horrible name - Fetid Adder's Tongue. It refers to its ill-smelling flower. Scoliopus bigelovii is the Latin name for this orchid-like flower. It blooms in the winter and few are fortunate enough to see it. Craig Tooley recently photographed one. You can see the first bloom is over but the second one is up. The leaves will grow in the weeks and months to come, becoming nearly a foot long is some cases.

I love this first wildflower of the year. It's not more than two inches tall, if that. If you find the distinctive leaves but see no flowers, note the spot. Then next winter you can find the flower in January or February.

I noticed the first Trilliums up, along with Milkmaids - they are early signs that spring is not too far away.

Thanks to Craig for allowing me to share his photo with you here. To see much more of Craig's Coast photography, here is the link:

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