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Monday, August 6, 2012

Tiger Lilies, as photographed by Irma Brandt

The last of this year's Tiger Lilies are blooming on the Mendonoma Coast. Also called Leopard Lilies because of the spots they sport, they are a treat to find. Irma Brandt recently photographed several of these native wildflowers.

You should never pick this wildflower, as the spent flower forms a seed pod. Inside this pod will be tiny black seeds. When the pod dries up, the seeds are released. Hopefully a few will find a suitable spot to thrive.

Tiger Lilies are found near water. There are several small groups on our road in Anchor Bay that are growing near a neighbor's spring box. To see a Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly feeding on a Tiger Lily, here's the link:

Speaking of not picking wildflowers, it is illegal to pick any wildflowers on public land in the State of California. So look but don't cut!

Thanks to Irma for allowing me to share her photo with you here.

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