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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A young Raccoon, as photographed by Craig Tooley

Young Raccoons are fun to photograph. They are inquisitive, active and photogenic. That's all Craig Tooley needs to get a great photo.

With the dark facial markings across its eyes, you can see why Raccoons are nicknamed "Masked Bandits." Raccoons are very intelligent and they are quite dexterous with their front paws. Recently a Raccoon got in a cat door of a friend. It proceeded to open each canister on her counter until it found the canister containing brown sugar. Yep, that Raccoon had a real sweet tooth and ate all the brown sugar.

Thanks to Craig for allowing me to share his cute photo. To see more of Craig's nature photography, here's his web site:

To see a charming photo of a Raccoon family, here is the link:

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