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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gray Whales passing by on their journey northward, always a thrilling sight

Gray Whales, mostly mothers with their calves, have been spotted every day this week. On Thursday Rick and I saw spouts from Highway One.

This is what you look for - two spouts seen on the calm ocean.
 As we drove into Gualala we saw more spouts just off the mouth of the Gualala River. Here is a big spout (behind the rock) of the mother and a little spout of the calf.
 Below the calf has spouted again and you can see the back of the mother Gray Whale
 And here is the tail of the calf.
Clouds may obscure our view for a while as several storms are headed towards the Mendonoma Coast. But we know the whales continue on their long journey, the longest migration of any creature on Earth.


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There is something so comforting to know they are passing by our shores.