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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Jim Garlock photographed a Bobcat recently. He entitled it "You looking at me?"

We are lucky to have these fascinating creatures living wild on the Mendonoma Coast. They are great rodent hunters so those plagued with Gophers are always happy to see one pay them a visit.

To see a dramatic photo of a Bobcat leaping, here's the link:

And to see a Bobcat walking a labyrinth on the Gualala Ridge, here's that link:

Being on the Coast today is like being in a dream. A high pressure system is pushing a big storm up into Oregon and Washington (sorry, Steve!), leaving us with a lovely spring-like day.


Anonymous said...

Well, I must say that now I know where we got our 2 hours of actual sun today! THANK YOU!

Just waiting on the daffodils to pop up here. I'd LOVE to see some California poppies!!!

As always, love seeing everyone's work! Keep it up!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Hope more of that California sunshine is headed north today! It is so calm here this morning the ocean looks like a lake.