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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A wild storm hit the Mendonoma Coast but the Red Tide still persists

Thunderstorms followed the storm. Early this morning lightning lit up the sky. As the thunder rumbled overhead, hail bounced off our skylights. Then a downpour, nearly an inch in less than a half hour, left us with a flooded garage. The sky was beautiful at sunset yesterday evening, with showers marching down the Pacific Ocean.
Yesterday the Department of Fish and Game closed the abalone fishing season off the Sonoma Coast. The Red Tide isn't to blame for the abalone die-off. The theory is a lack of oxygen caused it but studies are on-going. On a trip down and then back up the coast today the Red Tide was still evident, as the photo below shows.

To see another photo of the Red Tide taken by Craig Tooley, click on this link:

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