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Monday, July 4, 2011

Golden Retriever Love Brigade - a Point Arena 4th of July Parade Tradition!

It all began in 2005 - the birth of the Golden Retriever Love Brigade. Point Arena hosts an annual 4th of July parade down Highway One, which closes the road for an hour. The previous year Rick and I attended the parade and there weren't many entries. I was disappointed! So I decided to come up with an entry myself and my inspiration was my Golden Retriever, Huckleberry.

Since then we've had Love Brigade in every parade and this year was no different. Elsa and Emily did a wonderful job carrying our big sign this year. We won first prize in our division!


Anonymous said...

Hi Huckleberry! You and your friends are gorgeous as ever!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Huckleberry gave a lot of love that day! There's something about a Golden that is special. Now if he just hadn't pulled me over in the parking lot before the parade trying to reach someone to give them some up close and personal love...