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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Growing older doesn't mean giving up what this quartet loves to do - abalone dive!

Jack Likins tells this story. He wrote, “I had the honor of taking what might be the oldest living quartet of current abalone divers diving on Tuesday. We dove at one of the public beaches at The Sea Ranch where everyone could easily get to the ocean and into the water – sometimes the hardest part of an abalone dive. The conditions were calm and the visibility was eight to ten feet.
“Each of these divers was able to find and take his/her limit of three abalones on the hour-long dive. What’s even more amazing is that each one of them got at least one abalone over nine inches. The divers are Don Stupfel [85] of Timber cove, Lee Walton [78] and Susan Walton [72] of Morgan Hill, and Gary Rose [77] from Gualala. I just hope I can do what they are doing when I am their ages.”

What a foursome! I hope they continue to break the rules of what a senior citizen is suppose to be able to accomplish. Thanks to Jack for allowing me to share his photo and story here.

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