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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Two unique insects photographed by Harmony Susalla

Harmony Susalla found this moth on a flower pot near her home. I have to admit I have never seen one of these so Will Erickson to the rescue. He identified it as a Owlet Moth, Noctuidae.

Isn't it beautifully marked? These moths are preyed upon by bats, as they fly at night. But many of these moths have an organ in their ear that can sense a bat's call. The wing muscles then go into spasms, causing it to fly erratically. Mother Nature sure gave this moth an interesting escape mechanism!

The other insect Harmony photographed was seen at Gualala Point Regional Park. According to Will, it's a Scarab Beetle, Dichelonyx.

Thanks to Harmony for allowing me to share her photos and thanks to Will for identifying these beauties. To see Harmony's beautiful organic textiles, here's the link to her website:

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