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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Green Flash was seen Sunday at sunset

Patty Buechner was at Gualala Point Regional Park watching the sunset. She caught magic when she photographed the green flash.

We are having our usual autumn heat wave and that means the fog has disappeared, leaving a clear horizon. That's the recipe for a possible green flash. Not a myth, but reality - the elusive green flash is always a treat to see.

Thanks to Patty for allowing me to share her photo with you here. I have another photo of Sunday's green flash to show you tomorrow. You are bound to be amazed!


Suzanne said...

Sunday night was indeed nature at her best. High clouds moving in lines reflecting flames of the setting sun. Plus, no mosquitoes due to the very dry conditions. We sat out counting our many years of loving this special place. The stars, then the moon weren't bad either.

Frank Drouillard said...

Watched on Saturday evening, but no green flash. Missed it by 24 hours!

Jeanne Jackson said...

At least you have these two photos to see, Frank! And I remember that you once photographed the green flash too.

Suzanne, that's lovely. The moon was a Harvest moon. That's purported to be lucky!

Unknown said...

I photographed a green flash once, but I never saw it. The camera was in the way!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Anon, you were lucky too. Patty told me she didn't know she caught the green flash until she got home and uploaded the photo. It's good to be lucky!