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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The beautiful Gualala River, as photographed by Peggy Berryhill...but what was swimming across the river?

The Gualala River is running fast and strong with all the recent rains. We treasure this wild river and its tributaries. Peggy Berryhill was walking recently at Gualala Point Regional Park when she noticed movement in the river. It looked too big to be River Otters.

 What Peggy was seeing was a Doe and her yearling swimming across the river.
Thanks to Peggy for allowing me to share her fun photos with you here.


Frank Drouillard said...

I see they didn't dare cross near those voracious river otters!

Jeanne Jackson said...

ha! River Otter loon pretty darn cute but they are pretty feisty AND voracious. I don't think they would try to take a yearling though...but I'm not sure.

Jeanne Jackson said...

That would be look rather than loon. :-)